King vs Queen Size Bed

Eastern king beds, also known as standard king size beds differ a lot from queen size beds, but  more in width than in length. A king size bed has room to stretch out and a queen size bed is ideal for smaller rooms.

However, both the long term expenses and upfront costs will be much higher for king size bed than queen size bed.

Width and length

A king size bed usually measures 76 inches in width and a length of 80 inches while a queen size has a width of 60 inches and a length of 80 inches. The width per person on king size bed is 38 inches while that of queen size bed is 30 inches.


Since a king size bed is bigger in size, it is way more expensive than a queen size bed. In addition, mattresses for king size bed may also cost a lot more than queen size bed. However, the queen size bed is still expensive than full or twin beds.


King size beds are usually used in master bedrooms while queen beds are used in smaller master bedrooms or guest rooms.


For king size beds, the frame is critical to support the centre leg apart from the rectangular structure. A queen bed also needs a frame to support the center leg.


Queen size beds are sold more than any other kind of beds in America alone. A research that was done by Sleep Products Association indicated that queen size beds are more popular. The market share for the major sizes of bed are as follows

  • 32 percent for queen size bed
  • 30 percent for twin beds
  • 21 percent for full beds
  • 7 percent for king beds

Pros and cons of king size and queen size mattresses

The mattress of a queen size bed is very narrow in width than the mattress of a king size bed. The mattress of a king size bed allows two adults to sleep next to each other with much room as 3 twin XL mattresses placed together.

This gives ample space for stretching. On the other hand the mattress of a queen size bed puts people much closer, 76cm per person, and this can negatively affect sleep.

Although king size beds might be provide more comfort for certain people and allows people to spread out more easily, they are extremely heavy to move and need a much larger room. This makes them impractical for smaller homes and apartments.

The best way to know whether a king size bed will fit your bedroom is to ensure at least 61 cm will remain once you place the bed in your room.

This will allow enough space for you to walk around the room. However, if you are to place other furniture in your room, such as dressers and nightstands, you may require extra space.

Finally some of the most popular mattresses for queen beds include the Olympic queen, Split queen and California queens and those of king mattresses include Split king and Western king.

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