Hotel vs Inn – What is the Difference?

There is a very fine difference between a hotel and an inn and that is why many people cannot differentiate the two. Let us find out how a hotel is different from an inn.

Hotels are buildings providing lodging facilities along with furniture, wash-room and many electrical gadgets such as air-condition, TV and refrigerator and computer in certain cases. While Inns are basically road-side lodging to provide shelter to the travelers.


At a hotel, you will get food and drinks but you will have to pay extra for it. There are restaurant(s) in a hotel for this purpose. They sell variety of food and there are multiple options for you to choose from. Often, they sell multiple cuisines like Chinese, Lebanese and French. There are other facilities and arrangements for entertainment at a hotel such as lawn, swimming pools, conference halls and gym.

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Inns came into being since the Roman era and were traditionally used for accommodation and food for the travelers as well as their horses. At an inn you will get food and drinks but there is just a separate space for this arrangement and not large restaurants.


Hotels and inns are similar in the respect that both are used by tourists and visitors to stay. But there are some differences with respect to the location and facilities if we go through the following table of comparison:-

CapacityHotels have greater capacity than inns and can accommodate more number of people. It can even occupy a few thousands of people.Inns have much smaller capacity than hotels and cannot occupy so many people.
LocationHotels can be located in the main cities as well as in the tourist spots.Inns are located in the outskirts of the city and along the roadside where there are few other buildings or accommodations.
FoodA hotel has its own restaurant and sometimes more than one restaurant. Inns do not have restaurant. They just have a separate area meant for food and drinks.
CuisinesA hotel often has provisions for multi-cuisine food. Inn has lesser variety of food to select from.
PaymentYou need to pay separately for food at a hotel. In fact, whether you will eat there or somewhere outside is optional.Inns generally charge together for accommodation and food. It is a package kind of a thing.
FacilitiesApart from food and accommodation, there are other facilities such as swimming and playing. Also, there are spas and parlors for relaxation and beauty care.Inns do not offer anything else other than food and shelter.
LuxuryHotels have nice beds, furniture, wash-rooms and air-condition, wifi etc. In short, it provides you with standard elements for a luxurious stay.Inns have a poorer standard of living as compared to hotels. They do not have so many advantages and facilities for a deluxe lifestyle.

We hope you are now clear with what is the difference between hotel vs inn. You may also read about hotel vs motel right now.

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