Double Rooms vs Twin Rooms

While booking rooms in a hotel, people often come across the terms “Double Room” and “Twin Rooms”. But how are they different? Some people think that a twin room is the same as a double room since both the words “double” and “twin” mean two. So, people expect something ideal for two people to live in and forget that there is a fine line of difference between the two.


A double room is a room where the bed is large enough for two people to sleep. It is preferred by couples going on a honeymoon and people who prefer to sleep together in the same bed. When a family is travelling, the father and the mother usually chose the double room.


A twin room is a room where two single beds are separated from one another instead of a unified, double bed. It is preferred by two friends who are going on a trip or the children in case of a family trip when their parents choose the double room.

The line of difference:

Both double and twin rooms can accommodate two people but differ with respect to the arrangement of beds. Both have their own features. There is a fine line of difference between a double room and single room that becomes clear if we look at the following comparative study:-

Double RoomTwin Room
Double RoomTwin Room
BedA double room has a single large bed.A twin room has two single beds separated from one another at a distance.
Ideal ForIt is meant for a couple since they want to share the bed.It is preferred by two friends or siblings or people who want to sleep separately but in the same room.
Space OccupiedA double room has more space for furniture and other stuffs since the bed itself occupies lesser space.In a twin room, the beds are separated at a distance from each other and this consumes some space.
ChargeA double room is usually charged as a room and the people staying in the room have to pay as a whole.In case of a twin room, we often find that each individual is charged separately.
Number of persons that can be accommodatedFor a double room, sometimes three people can also sleep. For example, if a couple is travelling along with a baby, the three can find enough space to sleep in a double bed.It can only accommodate two people since in each of the single beds, only one person can sleep.
PreferenceDouble room is preferred only by couples.A twin room is preferred by most of the people since the beds can be joined manually to form a double bed or kept separate. So, it is a flexible option.

We hope you are now clear with the difference between a double room and twin room and will be able to choose judiciously next time you go to a hotel.

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